Win Big With ITV Competitions!

If you’re looking for something hot, it doesn’t come much bigger than a massive win in a huge TV competition.

It’s often going to be particularly hot if you win one of their tropical holidays, as you could find yourself jetting off to sunnier climates for several weeks in the sun.

Of course, while most people love a holiday in the fiery heat under the sun in paradise, what really appeals to most people is a huge cheque in their name, which can hit the winners bank account within weeks of them trying their luck and entering the competition.

You can almost always enter the competition on the ITV website, as they’ve got dedicated pages for each of the TV shows the run comps, as well as some online only draws too.

Here’s a selection of the common shows where you’ll find them:

  • Good Morning Britain competition
    ITV’s flagship breakfast show has a competition almost every day – and you’ll normally see the ever energetic Andi Peters pop up to tell you all about it. Common prize packages tend to be worth six figures, making them the highest value on ITV on average.
    Sometimes, they’re just cash, meaning a huge cheque for the winner, but they also come in other forms too, most commonly cash and a car or cash and a holiday, and sometimes all three!
  • Lorraine comp
    Lorraine Kelly follows GMB on weekday mornings on ITV1, and shares their competition. That means you don’t necessarily need to enter again to be in with the chance of winning, but of course more entries mean a better chance of being the big winner.
  • This Morning prize draw
    Philip and Holly’s mid morning magazine show is the next place you’ll see regular prize draws, and the types of prizes are similar to the ones from the breakfast show, if a little smaller.
  • Loose Women comps
    Like GMB and Lorraine, This Morning and Loose Women share their daytime competition prize. That again means there’s the chance to get more entries into the same draw if you want a better chance to win.
  • Dickinson’s Real Deal cash prize
    David Dickinson is a familiar face to most people, and he has that Marmite effect on people – you either love or hate his shows. Antiques are his thing, and you’ll often see him presenting from the auction room. His comps are run nearly every week, with a big cash prize. They might not be as big as the morning and lunchtime programmes, but they’re certainly big enough to change your life.
  • Tipping Point competitions
    Ben Shephard hosts his afternoon quiz show giving four people the chance to win £10,000 by getting the jackpot counter out of his machine, or even £20,000 if they drop a special double counter at the same time. Viewers get their chance to win big too, with the chance to win a similar sized prize.

If you miss the details, their are fansites too to give you the information you need to enter. A great place to start is the coverage at enter competitions online, who cover all the main shows above, plus the big weekend shows like X Factor and I’m a Celebrity when they’re in season. The bonus there too is they really focus on how to get a free entry, rather than paying to get in the draw.

Hopefully, armed with the information you need you’ll be ITV’s next big winner!